Name: Lowri Davies

Position at Welsh Water: Management Graduate (starting 3rd placement)

What have you enjoyed most about the Welsh Water graduate programme?

Working on impactful projects! For example, during my second placement with the Customer Strategy team, the key focus here was working closely with the Institute of Customer Service (ICS) to gain our re-accreditation as a company for our excellent customer service. By conducting colleague and customer surveys through the ICS, this was important in identifying areas that the company is performing greatly in, along with those areas that need improving.


What would you say to anyone thinking about applying for the programme?

I would encourage those considering applying for the programme to be open minded. Even if you don’t feel that you have specific qualifications for an area, the company offers a huge variety of job and project opportunities that will suit you. If you remain open minded about anything in the workplace, it becomes far more enjoyable too. This works in conjunction with proactivity. Having been in the company for over a year, I realise that anything is possible, and that open mindedness is important for personal development. If there is something you don’t enjoy, address it and find other things that you enjoy more/that suit you – there are plenty of opportunities within the company!’


Also, if you have any interesting stories, hobbies, backgrounds etc. it would be great to know.

At the moment my life is slightly boring due to Covid-19! I am from an agricultural background and have been spending a lot of time at the home farm. My first language is Welsh followed by German – I learnt English by listening to my parents converse during my childhood. Hobbies include the gym, playing the harp and the piano and reading!