Welsh Water in the Community

We work with schools to encourage children to love and value water.

Our activities, led by seconded teachers, equip pupils to become global citizens, with an understanding of sustainability and its impact on the local community. Thousands of pupils visit one of our four education Discovery Centres each year and have a fantastic time - and it’s all FREE!

Our School Visits

Our award winning education team will visit your school or college to give an assembly where we teach children about all things to do with water! How we collect it, treat it, use it and clean it.

Our interactive workshops are led by seconded teachers who educate children through the most creative lessons and equip children to become water ambassadors, with an understanding climate change, community and Welsh Water’s business messages.

To learn more about what we can offer schools please visit our corporate website

As part of our efforts to encourage and support work that benefits the communities we serve, it will also award funding of up to £1,000 per project in areas where our work has had an impact on the community.  To find out more please visit our Community Fund page, found here.