Work Experience Feedback

Siobhan joined us for a placement with a variety of teams, to include our geography mapping team. Siobhan said:

“The level of detail and Information that allows the data system to work is amazing. Whilst there they explained what the small sections of each department work and the mapping system and visuals allowed me to understand how interconnected the different parts of the pipelines are. I learnt how the modelling section helps predict floods failures and the permission of the new developers to go through or not. It was intense for days, but I am grateful for it. Special thanks to the whole team as I will definitely be using the information for my last year in University and possibly for my future career.”


Gwion joined us and spent some time with our Science team in North Wales. Following his placement Gwion said:

“I was fascinated by a number of things that I saw during my time there, for example the treatment of the water in the works. I learnt a great deal about what happens to the water that we use every day before and after it reaches the community, including all the different departments and what they do. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed my week and wish to thank the Dinas department staff for their time.”


Isobel joined our Environment and Science team. Isobel said:

“My main aim was to understand to a greater depth of knowledge about what happens in Welsh Water and to learn a bit about some of the individual roles. I believe that it was a great experience to have especially by gaining some insight into a little of how a major organisation that we all rely on so much and take for granted works. I see this helping me in the future as I developed transferable skills such as time management, responsibility, teamwork, independent learning and communication.”


Anthony Lunn, an Electronic Engineering student from Cardiff University, who recently joined our Capital Delivery team in Cardiff, said:

“This work placement helped me ensure a better understanding of how the company operated, the standards that have to be maintained, and some of the challenges faced by the company on a day to day basis. In the future, I can see this helping my understanding of how large companies operate and what is necessary in order to succeed within such companies. It also increased my knowledge of what it is like to work in an office environment and as part of a team in a corporate environment. I really valued the experience and am extremely appreciative for the opportunity and for everyone that took the time to talk to me and tell me about their occupation and for making me feel welcome.”


Katie-May Davies joined our team in Caernarfon and said:

“Until my week of work experience at Welsh Water, I had no idea just how much is involved in providing safe clean water, and removing wastewater from all our homes, schools, hospitals and businesses. I am now so very clear on what my aim in life and career path will be. I intend to work as hard as I can to gain the necessary qualifications which will enable me to apply to join the team of people at Dŵr Cymru. I would like to take this opportunity to say a very big thank you to all the staff at Dŵr Cymru for taking the time and trouble to share and explain the many tasks and procedures, experiences and their knowledge with me. A whole world was opened-up to me. I am so grateful to everyone.”